Setting the Tone with Trade Show Furniture Rentals

Planning your trade show booth can be a daunting task. One of the most important aspects yet often overlooked is the furniture. Remember that not only does form follow function but function follows goals. Utilizing trade show furniture rentals eases the burden.

During your initial planning, you will have decided what you want your booth to do for you. Whether your purpose is geared towards conducting business, stimulating casual conversation between your booth staff and attendees, or giving presentations or product demonstrations – exhibit furniture is an essential piece to the puzzle. When looking at trade show furniture rentals there are several questions you should always consider.

Questions that you should consider:

  • What type of furniture is available for your trade show booth?
  • Does the furniture you are considering fit into your overall design concept?
  • Will the furniture you want be comfortable for your booth visitors?
  • Will the various items being considered fit with your branding to ensure a consistent visual image for your trade show booth?

What Type of Furniture is Available for Your Trade Show Booth?

Once you know what you want your booth to do for you, this is the first question you need to consider in order to determine whether the availability meets your needs and preferences with trade show furniture rentals. In order to ensure availability, it is always recommended to secure your furniture rentals sooner than later especially when you are a specific style or less common colors. We can accommodate short notice rentals.

Does the Furniture You’re Considering Fit into Your Overall Design Concept?

Centering everything around the answer to “what you want your booth to do for you” will help ensure the furniture you choose fits into your overall design concept.

When it comes to trade show furniture rentals, there are two main categories – standard and custom. If you just want your furniture to serve its basic function, then it is best to choose standard type of furniture. Standard furnishings are those no-frills items such as small round tables with a couple of chairs or bar stools. Custom trade show furniture rentals are those pieces that are both stylish and functional. Custom furniture includes lounge seating, charging furniture, cocktail and end tables, glass top tables, adjustable bar stools, office chairs, conference tables, etc.

Will the Trade Show Furniture You Want Be Comfortable for Your Booth Visitors?

When considering your trade show furniture rentals, it is important to consider how long visitors are likely to be sitting on or using the items then decide whether it will be comfortable enough for your intended purpose. If giving a long presentation, more comfortable furniture is just as important as the look of it.

Does the Trade Show Furniture You are Renting Provide that Consistent Visual Image?

It is all about branding and creating a consistent visual image. You want the trade show furniture you choose to complement and enhance the visual image you are looking to create. You won’t go to an important meeting wearing a polka dot tie and striped polo shirt, would you? Choosing the wrong furniture will make you stand out like a sore thumb. Always choose sharp looking furniture that is going to make the best impression on your booth visitors.

There are so many details to plan when it comes to exhibiting at a trade show, whether you are a new or veteran exhibitor. The convenience of trade show furniture rentals makes it a lot less stressful for you. Regardless of the type of exhibit furniture you decide on, V-Decor has trade show furniture rental options for you.

Your trade show booth and its furniture will set the tone about your company and leave a lasting impression on attendees. So, V-Decor helps you ensure the impression is a positive one because we have what you’re looking for.