6 Best Trade Show Furniture Rental Tips to Set A Mood

With so many companies vying for the attention of show attendees, your trade show furniture sets the mood ensuring your booth projects a welcoming and professional look. The best furniture for your trade show will complement your booth structure as well as integrates well with your branding. When deciding which trade show furniture to rent, it’s imperative to choose furniture to help set a mood in order to achieve your goals at your event.

Trade shows are growing. Attendees have so much to see with so little time. In order to ensure that your trade show booth stands out in the crowd, consider these six trade show furniture rentals tips that are guaranteed to set the right mood to attract visitors to your booth so that you reach your goals and have a successful trade show.

Trade Show Furniture Rental Tips

1. Enhances Your Design

Trade Show Furniture Rental Tip 1 - Enhance Your Design - V-Decor Event Furnishings in Las Vegas

With only a few seconds to capture show attendee’s attention, it’s vital that quickly grab their attention. Your trade show booth must be visually appealing, consistent with your brand’s image, functional, and appeals to your target market. Selecting trade show furniture that is going to match the look, design, and feel of your exhibit.

Choose trade show furniture items that is going to keep traffic flowing. When deciding which items, consider how is it going to improve the look and function of your booth as well as how well will it fit with all the other booth elements.

Avoid renting the basic furnishings as they always stick out like a sore thumb. Whether you are wanting a modern look or a conservative look, we have the trade show furniture you are looking for.

2. Comfort is Key

Trade Show Furniture Rental Tip 2 - Comfort is Key - V-Decor Event Furnishings in Las Vegas

Regardless of the type of trade show seating furniture you choose to rent, comfort is one of the most important things to consider. One of the key factors that will keep an attendee at your booth longer is when they are comfortable. You want them focusing on what your staff is saying rather than thinking about how uncomfortable they are.

You want your trade show booth visitors to enter your space and to feel relaxed. By providing that space for them, you are affording your staff quality time with them.

3. Take Your Available Space into Account

In the hustle and bustle of a trade show, you must make the most of the space you have. However, trade show furniture rentals are one of those times when less can be more and more can be too much. If you rent too large of a table with too many bar stools but have a small booth then the flow of traffic through your booth will be difficult which is going to have a negative impact on your show results.

4. Determine the Purpose of Your Furniture

Trade Show Furniture Rental Tip 4 - Determine the Purpose of Your Furniture - V-Decor Event Furnishings in Las Vegas

During the planning phase, consider how and where in your booth do you want interactions to take place. Your trade show furniture will be centered around these considerations. Some questions to think about are:

  • Will you be conducting group presentations?
    • If so, depending on the number of people you anticipate will determine the type of theater-style seating that would work best.
  • Will you be conducting private meetings?
    • If so, conference tables and office chairs work great for these spaces.
  • Do you want an area for casual meeting space or for networking?
    • If so, bar height tables and bar stools or lounge seating areas around a coffee table would accomplish this

The type of interaction you would like to have with visitors will determine the best way to set the mood with your trade show furniture rentals.

5. Face the “Audience”

Having your tables and counters facing attendees, conveys that you want people to come to your trade show booth. You want attendees walking by to hear and see your presentations because they will decide they want to sit and listen as well.

6. Encourage Attendees to Stay Longer

Trade Show Furniture Rental Tip 6 - Encourage Attendees to Stay Longer - V-Decor Event Furnishings in Las Vegas

Once you have gotten their attention, you want to give them a reason to stay at your booth longer. The longer a visitor is at your trade show booth, the better chance you have of making a lasting impression on them.

Powered trade show furniture rentals are the best way to keep your visitors hanging around longer. Our Volt Collection has a variety of charging furniture rentals.

These are best trade show furniture rental tips to help you set the right mood for your booth visitors. Form and function of the trade show furniture you choose will help set the mood you wish to achieve for your trade show exhibit.